JKN Powder coating service

Powder Coating Service in Kings Lynn, Wisbech & Peterborough

To enhance the services that we have to offer our clients we also offer a powder coating service, we welcome enquiries for large batches of work through to small individual items. Powder coating can be used on a variety of different materials and we offer a huge variety of colours and finishes including matte, gloss and satin. We offer fast turnaround times and very competitive pricing. 

Some examples of the work we do
Sheet metal equipment | Architectural metalwork – stairways/ balconies etc | Precision Engineering | Furniture – indoor and out | Motorcycle frames/wheels | Alloy Wheels

We have also worked alongside our Engineering Department to carry out work for the following industries
Exhibition/display companies | Construction – building | Agricultural & Farming  

The Benefits of Powder Coating

- Curing time is quicker than other available methods 

- Contains no solvents therefore more environmentally friendly

- The coatings are generally much thicker than liquid

- Produces a high quality durable finish. 

- Wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, most colours can be matched

- High resistance to UV suitable for outdoor use

- Chip & Scratch resistent