General fabrication

Welding, Pipe and Steel Fabrication Services in Kings Lynn, Wisbech & Peterborough

Here at JKN Engineering we offer the following processes of Welding 

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) 

Advantages of TIG Welding 

• Creates no sparks or fumes

• Can be created in any position which makes it perfect for use in confined spaces. 

• Ideal for cosmetic welds as they produce clean, high quality welds with no signs of Slag or Flux 

• Uses Argon gas only 

Can be used on the following materials – stainless steel/steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper, bronze, brass, nickel alloys and chrome 

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) – 

Advantages of MIG Welding 

• Faster welding speeds

• Higher Productivity

• Can weld in all positions.

• Produces a good weld bead with minimum splatter. 

Can be used on the following materials - stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. 

MMA (Manual Metal Arc) 

Advantages of MMA Welding 

• Effective even when weather conditions are bad – I.e wind and rain

• There is no need for any external shielding gas. 

• Is less sensitive to corrosion, paint and dirt, 

• Portable – Is therefore used regularly for heavy equipment repairs and construction etc. 

This is the most common welding method used for most mild and high strength carbon steels, as well as being used on stainless steels, cast/ ductile irons, nickel, copper and in rare cases aluminium. 

Bespoke Fabrication

Bespoke Fabrication Services in Kings Lynn, Wisbech & Peterborough

Here at JKN engineering we undertake bespoke fabrications, our skilled engineering team are on hand to offer assistance as and when needed. We are well known for producing high quality bespoke products giving respectable lead times, with customers returning time and time again. We listen to our customers specification right through the manufacturing process to help create the desired end product.  Some of our Bespoke Fabrication Services can be used within the following fields

Aluminium | Mild steel | Stainless Steel | All ferrous and non Ferrous materials 

We are able to undertake all types of fabrication work competently and efficiently. We have over 15 years combined experience in our team. Please find below some of the items we have recently carried out work on.

Tables | Stands | Components | Gates/Railings | Bollards | Frameworks | Stairs | Grills | Conveyors | Tanks | Control Panel Fascia’s | Bespoke items | Brackets | Machine Guards/covers | Flashings | Capping’s | Trims

We also undertake work for large bulk orders/ prototypes or smaller individual items.

Additional services we are able to offer include

  • Galvanising 
  • Anodising 
  • Laser Cutting 
  • Tube Bending 
  • Powder Coating